Why Iconic Modern Now?

Why Iconic Modern Now?


Mid-century Modern is a term that describes the significant modern design movement of the middle 20th century (mostly 1950s and 1960s). The term made famous in the United States as a reflection to International and Bauhaus movements has become more widely known for the modern furnishings, and architecture with simple forms, clean lines, and a more utilitarian use of space and materials.

While the recent speculations in the design business are that Traditional is coming back and Mid-century is on its way out, some factors need to be taken into consideration before you toss the teak and rosewood for mahogany and English pine.

1. Access to Information: 

The way we value the items have changed.  Today buyers can pull out smart phones and compare values from a myriad of online retail and second hand outlets. 

2. Design as a Convenience:

Modern design has outfitted new homes with built in everything. Storage pieces are less needed. Even kitchen cabinets are appearing from behind hidden walls as if from nowhere. People also want modern convenience

3. Community Has Changed:

The selling community has also drastically changed. Antique dealers are no longer just multi-generational families importing items from overseas, but rather are frequently young treasure hunters, rehabbers, and hipsters with the style and means to go from estate sale to estate sale, and flea market to flea market in search of the hottest forms, as well as the tech knowhow to bring their products to the online market place.

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